Relationships are one of the most important parts of our lives. Research has shown that people who are more socially connected to family, friends, or their community are physically healthier, live longer, and are usually happier, with fewer mental health problems.  

There are several kinds of relationships that are important in our lives:

  • Romantic partners
  • Family, including extended family
  • Friendships
  • Work relationships
  • Social groups

Relationship challenges

Relationships are one of the most difficult things to get right. Conflict between you and others is something that everyone must face eventually, whether it is an argument with a friend, a marriage that is falling apart, or a parent-child relationship that has gone wrong. Overcoming those challenges and returning to a healthy relationship is a rewarding experience, and well worth the effort.

On the other hand, suffering within a toxic relationship is often more damaging than being alone, but finding a way to establish healthy boundaries or perhaps even leave the relationship entirely can be difficult.

How can Balanced Mind Counselling help you?

I am not here to be the judge; I won’t decide who is right or wrong. Instead, I will be here supporting you with your decisions, and I will use my knowledge to help you improve your relationship or, if necessary, offer you support to end a toxic one. Whatever path we explore together, it will be with the goal of improving your wellbeing, and ensuring that you are safe, secure, and supported.

During our therapy sessions we will agree on your goals that we can work towards together. Normally we would take a two-stage approach to improving your wellbeing. Firstly, we would identify the problem and how it is affecting you, so that we can work on skills and behaviours that will provide some immediate improvements to your quality of life. Secondly, we would examine the root causes of any issues to prevent them from affecting you in the longer term. 

At each and every stage, I will treat our discussions as strictly confidential. 

What services does Balanced Mind Counselling offer?

I do one-on-one therapy as well as couple's counselling. I will help you build the skills and confidence you need to resolve the issue and improve your situation.

Legal assistance

When you are thinking of ending of a long-term relationship / marriage, knowing your rights and legal position is important. Light Family Law offers English and Mandarin services related to divorce, property settlement, and parenting & child support. They practice law with empathy and compassion. You can learn more about them at or by calling (03) 7046 1209.

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